Traditionally Cornish with a Festive Twist …

When people think of Cornwall and food, they often think of the world famous pasties. Pasties are a big thing, so big in fact that each year the Eden Project hold the WORLD Pasty Championships, amazing hey? What a championship! The next championship is on Saturday 3rd March 2018 if you’re interested in a day at Eden enjoying all things Cornish…

Louise from the Cornish Pod, a mobile catering company and fab pasty establishment, was the 2016 World Pasty Champion! After winning this prestigious title, Louise made the decision to leave her teaching career to focus her efforts solely on the Cornish Pod and it has gone from strength to strength. The mobile ‘pod’ caters for events, weddings, festivals and the team can develop a vast array of recipes to meet your event requirements. Alongside the Pod, Louise opened a pasty establishment in Millbrook, South East Cornwall, in April this year, providing residents of the Rame Peninsula with handmade pasties every day. One of the things I really like about Cornish Pod is that wherever possible they use locally sourced ingredients, so local in fact that Louise passes the farm that grows her vegetables on her commute to work and can smell the onions from her car! They have also been working on reducing potential waste; looking at their ordering, using left over veg for soups etc and have recently launched a separate Facebook page which lists end of the day pasties at a reduced price and Cornish Pod will even deliver these locally!

Another great aspect of Cornish Pod is the innovative pasty flavour combinations. I usually opt for the Halloumi and Roasted Pepper because I love Halloumi and am not a major meat eater but, perhaps as someone who is originally from ‘the other side of the water’ (Devon), I’m not the best Cornish pasty reviewer anyway. My partner however is a true Cornishman and loves his pasties. He usually can’t resist a Traditional but has recently been tempted by a festive addition to the range, Beef and Horseradish, and wasn’t at all disappointed. I felt compelled to try one of the festive flavours too (I love all things Christmas!) and went for the Turkey, Cranberry and Stuffing – very tasty! A Christmas dinner in a pasty, who says I’m not Cornish?!

You can find Cornish Pod on their website, on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter

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