Cornwall Creatives is a single platform that showcases the wealth of talent across this beautiful County.

How it started

Following a long break from Social Media, Kerrie, Founder of Cornwall Creatives, was astounded by how many fantastic creative projects she discovered on her return whilst launching her own creative business. Even though Kerrie lives and works in Cornwall and spends all of her spare time exploring the region, the majority of these exciting ventures were unknown to her.

The idea of Cornwall Creatives developed from a feeling that many of these fantastic people and ideas needed further exposure to truly showcase their work. There are blogs which cover everything Cornwall but the difference here is that Cornwall Creatives exclusively covers independent ventures in Cornwall; people pursuing dreams and passions in the creative sector, things which are independent and truly unique. This can be anything from a spa or hotel to jewellery making and coffee shops. Cornwall Creatives is the place to find out about talented people doing great things, exciting event and also gain a true insight into life in Cornwall.