About Us

What we do?

Cornwall Creatives, established in October 2017, is a popular and rapidly growing blog and business showcasing fantastic people, places and products whilst also acting as a platform that facilitates the symbiosis of a like-minded community of people. 

Cornwall Creatives is the place to find highly-curated insider knowledge on how to make the most of your precious free time whilst discovering fantastic businesses doing fantastic things, those influential businesses disrupting their industry with bold moves and strong values. 

If you’re an adventure seeking, environment appreciating, ambitious individual with a love for the lifestyle Cornwall enables, you’re in the right place.

Where it started

Following a long break from Social Media, I was astounded by how many fantastic creative projects I discovered on my return. Even though I live and work in Cornwall and spend all of my spare time exploring the region, a large proportion of these exciting ventures were unknown to me.

The idea of Cornwall Creatives developed from a feeling that many of these incredible people and ideas needed further exposure to truly showcase their work. Cornwall Creatives is a unique blog which of course includes everything Cornwall (it is a pretty special place!) but also covers independent ventures in Cornwall; people pursuing dreams and passions in the creative sector, things which are independent and truly unique and businesses that are disrupting their industry by being leaders of change. This can be anything from a small jewellery start up to an internationally renowned Cornish company. Cornwall Creatives is the place to find exclusive insider information about talented people doing great things, exciting events and also gain a true insight into life in Cornwall.

Since our launch in October 2017, Cornwall Creatives has become a go to for exclusive local gems, we’ve built a fantastic and rapidly expanding community who share our passions, we’ve met numerous local businesses, written features about some of our favourite ventures and held our first ever event, which really was amazing! We’re asked to market people, places or products on a daily basis but what makes us different is that we never compromise our values and ethos whatever we are offered to do so! We carefully handpick the businesses we work with using one key question: would we recommend this to our best friend?

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Our Team

  • Kerrie

  • Founder and CEO

  • Albert

  • Director of dog friendly reviews