A Dreamy Stay…

I always relish the opportunity for a roadtrip in Cornwall, we spend all of our free time exploring the region because, why wouldn’t you, there’s so much beauty! Plus, one end of Cornwall to the other really isn’t that far. Continue reading “A Dreamy Stay…”

An evening to remember!

A while ago we realised that a huge proportion of the Creative community in Cornwall often dreads the idea of traditional networking scenarios. We teamed this knowledge with the desire to make a difference in this community, sticking with our own motto of doing things differently, and came up with Continue reading “An evening to remember!”

Eat Play Bark

My furry four legged baby, Albert, and I (yes, I am one of those crazy animal lovers!) were extremely excited to receive a package addressed to him in the post…

Albert had the pleasure of taste testing Eat Play Bark’s homemade vegan dog biscuits and I can safely say they did not disappoint. Continue reading “Eat Play Bark”