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So, I’m a bit of a chocolate fiend, you may have guessed from my excited tone when previously writing about a certain dark chocolate sorbet and trying to contain my delight about the white, dark and milk hot chocolates available at this venue. Over the years, I’ve tried to consume more sensible quantities of chocolate (why can’t it just be one of your 5 a day?!) and over the past year and a half have switched from milk to dark in the most. This was because I started to notice just how awful certain big brand chocolates made me feel and I became more conscious of the often long lists of ingredients that likely caused this. Switching to dark chocolate wasn’t the easiest, I had always liked dark chocolate but it didn’t give me the same yummy chocolatey feeling that moreish milk chocolate did. After actually giving dark chocolate a fair chance I can honestly say I do now reach for the dark chocolate over milk because 1; I’ve found some dark chocolates I really love and 2; I now get that chocolately satisfaction from it and don’t feel ill afterwards. However, to put a spanner in the works, I’ve discovered that eating homemade chocolate from smaller brands who don’t fill it with nasty added extras means I can eat dark or milk and not feel ill or even too guilty, yay!

I’d seen Kernow Chocolate on Instagram and thought I’d have to try it because what harm can trying more chocolate really do? I initially purchased the hot chocolate spoons in dark because I now adore dark hot chocolates over any other type and knew my family would also love one as a stocking filler. These were delicious, so so tasty! It’s a fun activity too, snuggling by the fire with your hot mug of milk waiting for the chocolate to melt into a smooth hot chocolate.

When visiting the Eden Project just before Christmas, I spotted some Kernow Chocolate bars (special edition Christmas bars may I add!) and chose to try the Bah! Humbug! (minty goodness if you didn’t already guess) and the Spiced Apple Crumble flavours. These were both in milk chocolate and no they did not make me feel ill after I ate some, woohoo! They were both really yummy but the general consensus of my family and I when we were all indulging on Christmas eve was that Bah! Humbug! was the favourite. I don’t know if it was just these special editions but they came in one big bar rather than a bar made up of segments so although a touch difficult to share out amongst us all, I’m sure being the breaker uperer meant I came out best!

In addition to being ethically sourced and sustainably grown, I’ve also recently heard that the packaging Kernow Chocolate use (and the spoon of the hot chocolate spoon) is environmentally friendly too, anybody that knows me will know that I love things with an eco twist so this is a fantastic bonus on some great products. I’ve also just learnt from the Kernow Chocolate website that there is an on site cafe and you can take a tour around where the chocolate is made; I must do both!

Kernow Chocolate, your creations are fab and I look forward to seeing and eating more of your delicious chocolate in 2018!

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