Ecoscrunch: sunset pink


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Oversized scrunchie handmade from 100% recycled sari

Suitable for handwashing only
Leave to dry naturally

Delivered in environmentally friendly packaging

Eco Ethical Conscious
Scrunchies making a difference

Truly one of a kind scrunchies made from recycled saris.

Our scrunchies support women in Nepal who are paid for their unwanted saris, improving their financial independence and standard of living. We’re also saving these beautiful pieces from otherwise going to landfill.

EcoScrunch was born from a feeling that we just couldn’t bare the thought of these absolutely beautiful fabrics being thrown away, so we teamed up with a lovely Swedish family living in Nepal equally as passionate about prolonging the life of these treasured fabrics. Our handmade scrunchies also provide work for local tailors, improving the lives of the residents of this local community.

Every single scrunchie is handmade from recycled saris meaning each design is unique and it’s very rare we’ll get the same one again.