Handmade by the sea …

I had the pleasure of spending the afternoon with Kate from Roseland Seaweed last week to find out more about her natural body salt scrub. I’m a real advocate for natural beauty products, I really do believe that the best, and most effective, products out there are found in the natural environment but are often overlooked for expensive brands with powerful marketing campaigns that we’ve almost grown up learning to believe in. The concept of using chemicals on my skin to improve it is a really alien idea to me but unfortunately, this is what most of the market consists of.

This is why I was so excited to discover Roseland Seaweed. Kate, a very busy Mum/Farmer/Business Owner who continued to amaze me with how much she achieves in a day, creates seaweed salt scrubs which are 100% natural (I can vouch for this as I watched the entire process!). Seaweed is hand harvested from the rocks at Kate’s local beach, Porthcurnick, and that same day it is turned into a decadent salt scrub for an all over exfoliation.


Spending the afternoon with Kate meant I got to see how the seaweed goes straight from beach to jar, with the seaweed as fresh as it can be to fully maximise the amazing skin benefits such as anti-aging, anti-inflammatory and hydration. Kate mixes the seaweed with sea salt, almond oil, coconut oil and a choice of deliciously scented essential oils (I chose peppermint for the batch we made and it smelt divine!). And that is it, no added extras; just simple and natural ingredients.


Before discovering Roseland Seaweed, I was on the hunt for some natural beauty products, particularly a salt scrub as I’d just made one of my own and was looking for another with different ingredients to those I’d used. I found a few ‘natural’ body scrubs containing seaweed and was quite intrigued by this as an ingredient as I’d heard about how great its properties can be. When I looked at the ingredients of every single ‘natural’ scrub I came across, I didn’t just sea a simple list of salt, seaweed and oils as expected, I came across a lot of seaweed powder, preservatives and other additions I didn’t even recognise – really disappointing! This is why I was so pleased to finally find somebody truly adhering to the terms natural, handmade, homemade and fresh!


Not only did I have a great day learning more about Roseland Seaweed, I got to explore Kate’s farm, meet the animals (and ask Kate silly questions about farming animals, a subject which is clearly not my forte, sorry Kate!) and hear about Treway Farm Cornish Turkeys, the business run by Kate and her husband Will on their farm just outside of Grampound. Treway Farm is the only producer in Cornwall accredited with the Golden Turkey Standard which guarantees the highest welfare standards and rearing of the birds using traditional methods. I can genuinely say that their 600 turkeys were very happy birds and that Kate upholds the same high standards and ethos she does with her Roseland Seaweed products.


Make sure you stay tuned to hear about my experience of using my peppermint Roseland Seaweed scrub!

Check out Roseland Seaweed on Instagram  Facebook and Twitter and if you’d like one of their Turkey’s I’d be quick as Kate’s phone was ringing with orders constantly when I met up with her! Go to the Treway Farm website to order.




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